Friday, July 20, 2007


JULY 20, 2007

as I write this, in fact, on a Jet Blue flight to Cancun.
Maybe you got a text message from me sent early this morning.
Maybe I wrote you an email blatantly promoting my own little cyber corner of narcissism.
Maybe you stumbled on this blog while looking for people to email your silly scam to make money.
Whatever the reason, you're here. I'm here. I'm going to Cuba. Too bad you can't come with me, as it's going to be difficult to convey the smells and sounds of Cuba -not to mention the heat and humidity. You'll have to settle for my words and occasional photo.

FIRST, some logistics for you to keep track: I'm flying into Havana tonight, with a long layover in Cancun where I hope they have wifi (Andres, hay wifi en Cancun? el DF?). I'll be there for nine days, when I fly to Mexico City. After a little while there, I'm planning to come back overland to the US. How, where and when have yet to be decided.

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