Thursday, July 12, 2007

NYC, Day 2

Dear Diary,

I had a nice day today. First, Briana and I woke up at her friend Stacey's apartment in Queens. Then we decided to leave. We walked and got bagels (the lox spread is fihsy, the cinnamon walnut spread is divine). The we took the N to the B to the Museum of Natural History. It was nice, though it made me sad that all these things are now just "displays in a museum". The life-size blue whale is cool, though I wish they had a life-size great white shark, too. (Footnote: the life-size statue of the largest great white shark ever caught in Montauk, near East Hampton where I stayed, and setting for the book and movie "Jaws"? Missed it. Sigh. I Missed the statue of the largest Great White Shark ever caught, the root cause of all my maritime fear.
ANYway, yeah, the Museum... meh. That's an advantage of being a west coaster -we have wildlife and interesting peoples and don't need to taxiderm them and erect them in diaramas... but that's just my overly opinionated, pessimistic self.
ANYway, then we wandered around the Upper West Side and stuffed our little faces with trendy Japanese cream puffs and soft-serve ice cream. THEN we walked through Strawberry Fields in Central Park, THEN we walked all the way down 8th Avenue from 60th to 20th, THEN we strolled through Chelsea to an art gallery, THEN we went to a poetry reading by some Buffaloites (which I learned are actually "Buffalonians"). THEN Briana and Stacey's friend Vicram joined us and we walked all the way to 28th and Lexington for Indian food (yum yum!) THEN we went to an after-reading party at my friend Chelsea's in the Lower East Village Side, THEN we took the train back to Queens.
It was a long New York Day. The weather was better, it's was clear and dry and not too warm.

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