Tuesday, July 24, 2007


For the first time this trip, I had one of those cuban bus experiences: 10:30 at night (though it could've been midnight), packed to the hilt. Everything in Cuba -or at least all metal objects- look like they were made in my 7th grade metal shop class, both in quality of workmanship and also age of material. Thus this bus look like Lewis and Clark Jr Hi class of 86 welded it together as a class project.
The engine was right below us, and i swear it hadn't been oiled in the 21st century and any momeny now will explode, shooting pistols through the floor, as I'm sure they use a minimum of sheet metal and absolutely no firewall between us and the engine.

In there we packed, first 20, then 10, then 20 more, under flashes and thunder. By the time we reached the stop near home, it was pounding. To reach the exit, I had to swing past patrons like a money on bars. And don't get me going about the exhaust...

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