Friday, July 20, 2007

Cancun Airport

Greetings from TGIF, Cancun Airport

Sad, isn't it? Not only is my first day abroad spent entirely in an airport, but the highlight is TGIF.
What is Mexico coming to?
Ok, a few observations: minutes ago, the Mexican women's national soccer team beat the US 3-2 in a stunning come-from-behind second-half rally. I'll need to wiki this to be sure, but as far as I remember, it's the first time las Mexicanas have beat the Gringas EVER.

On to more mundane things: should I expound on the significance of TGIF Mexico? Same crappy, fake interior, same retched '80s soundtrack as is those ridiculous striped jerseys (I can picture Office Space now with Jennifer Aniston working as Schlotzki's, "More Cheery Buttons!") but aside from the fact it's dead -as dead as it was two and a half years ago, last time I awaited for a delayed plane- and all the staff is watching the soccer matches (or several of them), I gotta wonder what they're thinking: "We wanted economic development, and you send us this shit?" No wonder they coined the phrase "grin-go" (Green Go).

My stomach's grumbling. My intestines are doomed. I'll try not spending a week blogging about my bowel movements, but I'm not promising anything.

As a second warning, I feel like my first few blogs will be complaining. I apologize in advance, it's all part of the process...

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